Crush It! by Tony Horton – A Review

Crush It by Tony Horton

Crush It!Crush It! is Tony Horton’s newest book. I read Crush It! after doing P90X for about 2 years, and P90X2 for 6 months. Tony is my fitness guru, so I’m well versed in his passion for helping people reach their full fitness and health potential as well as his goofy humor – both of which he has brought to this new book.

Audio/Video only available on Apple products for Tony Horton’s Crush It!

Crush It!, which was recently released, is Tony’s first enhanced e-book. I downloaded it to my iPad and have been able to watch all the videos that are included. According to, the audio/video is only available on Apple products. Apparently you can read the book on the Kindle, but you won’t have access to the videos. I found that the e-book was very easy to use and time saving. I was able to jump from the workout straight to the video of an exercise to see how to do it and then right back to the workout. Isn’t that just too cool!

Tony Horton’s Crush It! is for the “Warrior Level”

Tony assumes in Crush It! that you’ve done P90X, P90X2, or are at what he considers “Warrior” level and now want to learn how to challenge your muscles more and push yourself further so you can continue to see results. This book is about perfecting your form while doing exercises from Tony’s other fitness programs in order to get the most out of them.

In Crush It! Tony concentrates on the Warrior’s workout that he outlines in Bring It! He goes through his four principles of exercise from the Warrior’s perspective: individualization, periodization training, progression, and cleanse and nutrition. He again reminds us that our bodies do not respond to repetition; they want novelty. The key to getting good results is through challenging your muscles and mixing up your daily exercise regimen (again the muscle confusion principle).

In Bring It!, he has a workout for three different levels of fitness: the beginner, the striver, and the warrior. It also includes progression photos of all the different moves. In Crush It!, he focuses only on the warrior workout and still has some progression photos, but now you get videos showing specifically how to do 26 of the moves with all of Tony’s personality. You know his funny jokes and silliness :). The videos are like the trainer tips in some of his workout programs. He goes into more detail about form and execution on specific exercises like exactly how and where to place your hands and feet. This allows you to build up your core and strengthen more refined muscles, which give you a more solid foundation.

Crush It! can be used as a standalone resource for your personal workouts and would be great to take traveling with you! As always, he has everything you need to help you be successful in honing and chiseling those muscles. He also gives you three different weekly schedules: one where you do more resistance training, one where you do more cardio training, and one where you just do more, lots more. All you have to do is pick one and follow his daily workout schedule. This is always one of my favorite parts – not having to figure out what I’m supposed to do every day.

In Crush It!, Tony doesn’t go into as much detail about nutrition as in his first book, but he still stresses the important role that nutrition plays in the exercise and fitness equation. If you’re going to work out like a warrior, then you’re going to have to eat like a warrior and fuel your body properly. That means NO JUNK FOOD and no processed food. Just eat whole foods. So, if YOU want to push yourself even further, then make sure to get your copy of Tony Horton’s CRUSH IT!