Kitchen Workout

Kitchen workout! A good thing about beachbody on demand is that I can take it anywhere and do my workout.

Even with a houseful of friends!! We had 3 couples this past weekend, all the bedrooms were full, I didn’t want to workout upstairs in the workout room because I was afraid it would wake up my friends.

I could have made excuses, and just blown off the workout for the ENTIRE weekend – BUT I chose not to! You can choose too!

THIS is the lifestyle I’ve adapted – it’s become part of who I am and what I do.

So here’s a thought – do you brush your teeth until they’re clean and then never brush them again? NO – then why do we treat our fitness and eating like that?

We start and stop, start and stop – make progress – get excited – then let life happen to us and let it make excuses to NOT do a workout or not eat well.

I can see that every now and then – BUT not every other week or month.

If you want clean teeth then you have to CONSISTENTLY – that means EVERYDAY, EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR, AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR continue to brush your teeth.

The same is true for your fitness and eating. At least with your fitness you have rest days. So see it’s not even that bad! And when you can get it done in 30 mins – that’s even better.

Every month I start a new 30 day group! Let’s get YOU going – STOP making excuses, STOP thinking that you’ll be ready… time – there is NO perfect time – just DO IT now!
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