What My Clients Are Saying...


(9 lbs/4.1 Inches in just 2 weeks!)

"I've tried a bunch of different weight-loss products...
if it's out there, I've tried it!
In just two weeks with Risa, I saw everything
she said was going to happen..."


(15 lbs/7 inches in 3 months!)

"Holy cow, I feel like a different person!
I did it, and that's great, but the most positive thing
is that it's sustainable!"


(15 lbs since working with Risa!)

"I was addicted to sugar...
Risa educated me so much and
now I look and feel so much better!"

(50 lbs/38 inches in first year!)

"I was having health problems and it was very isolating,
but with Risa I never felt alone.
My health has since improved and I can now walk
into a store and find something that fits!"

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by Cammy C on
Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you Risa,

I couldn’t believe that when I started following you on IG that I would actually get to meet you and that you would help me increase my motivation with not just eating correctly and exercising but with a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes are huge and sometimes hard to navigate on a daily basis. Having the motivation and the accountability to someone even if it was just myself was a daily struggle. Today, I thank you for helping me with my accountable to you (as a coach) and to myself most importantly. I no longer struggle with eating healthy everyday of the week. Knowing that every bite I make and every swig I take has to be important to my overall health and well-being. NO EXCUSES!

You are extremely motivating and I looked forward to meeting with you even when we were not scheduled to meet! Thanks for all of the support. No more trying I am doing!

Forever Grateful
Cammy C

by Candace L. on
You Put the Wellness of Your Clients First!

You put the wellness of your clients first and work with them to find the plan/method that works best for them. You spent time getting to know my personal challenges and goals to try to work with me to help me succeed. You have helped me by checking in with me in the way that suited my personality & needs. You have given me some great ideas that i can work into my life like the jarred salad, and also great recipes like the homemade clean chocolate.

by Linette H on

This challenge has helped me tremendously! It’s made me aware of what I am using and putting in my body. I also am looking at labels now and ingredient lists. I use olive oil and coconut oil. I don’t add salt to anything, but will be getting sea salt or the pink Himalayan salt.

by Laura Thomas on
Thank You! Thank You!

Risa Lynch got me going!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Changed my life for the better and now I am hooked!

by Pourcha J. on
Very Helpful!

This was very helpful. It showed me that eating clean is fairly simple when you plan and execute at the beginning of the week. I’d certainly recommend. Thanks for all the motivation and encouragement.

by Laura T. on
So Motivating!

This has been really helpful to me. As a first timer newbie I learned a lot and probably made some mistakes, but the group was so very helpful and seeing what everyone else was posting was motivating to me and made me feel like I was not all alone even tho I don’t get support from home. So thanks Risa Lynch!

by Misty D. on
Helped Me Be Accountable!

I’m kind of sad this is our last day. I’ve been doing so good! Just knowing I had to take pics of my food, help me accountable for what I put in my mouth. Sign me up again!! My goal was to clean up my diet so that I could lose weight! I workout 4 times a week and I was really undoing all the good by eating unhealthy foods! So this was a great kick start to helping me get myself in the habit of planning out meals so that I don’t eat fast food or chips! Lol thanks Risa! Can’t wait til next challenge!

by Melissa P. on
Excited to Keep My Family Eating Clean!

Though it was tough to pass up quick packaged meals and snacks, I have really enjoyed the challenge this week! It was not as hard as I thought. The biggest thing was just learning to plan ahead. I am so excited to keep my family eating clean!