Commit To You

Commit to YOU! What does that even mean? What does that look like? Why would I even want to do that?

But I have NO time!
I have too much to do!
I have to take care of….
My kids come first…

These are just some of the things I hear when I invite women to improve their health, to start working on their fitness and nutrition.  What we’re really saying as women is that “I am NOT as important” as… kids, my husband, my parents (that I may be taking care of), or my job…

I said this for pretty much 50 yrs. I didn’t have time because I had to

~ grade papers
~ plan lessons
~ make dinner
~ clean the house
~ do laundry
~ help with HW
~ blah blah blah the list could go on FOREVER! Right ladies? I KNOW that you know exactly what I mean.

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I never told the boys – I will be available in one hour, don’t bug me unless someone is dying. I never thought to get up 45 mins earlier to just have ME time. OR MAKE the time somewhere in the day for ME time – DAILY!!!

Do I not deserve that little amount of time? JUST.FOR.ME

Why don’t we commit to ourselves? GUILT. That’s probably the number one reason. We feel guilty if we put our selves first, OR we feel selfish.

But what we’re really doing is being selfish(what?!!!) because we’re NOT sharing our BEST selves with our family and friends. When we’re constantly putting our needs and ourselves last, we’re constantly saying that we are not THAT important.

What are we showing our family when we CONSTANTLY put ourselves on the back burner?
What example are we setting for our daughters when we do nothing for ourselves, when we take NO time to TAKE CARE of ourselves FIRST?

You’re showing our daughters, and our sons, that everything else is more important than self care – then deciding to commit to YOU! It’s going to send a message that they aren’t that important when they get more responsibilities in their life.

Commit to YOU!

Check out the video at the end

Now just think about how much BETTER you’ll FEEL when you put YOU first. Do you ever think when they tell you on a plane “put on your oxygen mask first BEFORE helping someone else” oh that’s crazy! I HAVE to put on my child’s first!

Well if you’re dead, WHO will help the child sitting next to you? So maybe putting yourself off isn’t quite that life threatening like being on a plane that might be plunging into the water, BUT in the long run it certainly CAN be!

Think of this – how much will putting you off, not finding time to commit to you – cost you in the end?

Do you know people who were healthy one year and have diabetes type 2 the next year? THAT is an example of not taking care of yourself. That’s something that didn’t need to happen and can be reversed BUT you have to PUT yourself first. It means you have to STOP telling yourself that you have NO time and MAKE the time.

We MAKE time for things we find important and want to do
We MAKE time to go to our kids sports events or concerts
We MAKE time to feed our kids and do laundry
We MAKE time to listen to our family and take care of them
We Make time to volunteer at church or say YES to SO many other obligations BUT we have NO time to commit to ourselves?

See it’s just a story that you’re telling yourself because ultimately maybe you don’t think you’re worth taking care of? Or you don’t think that you can actually have more energy? Or you don’t think that anything will work or help you?

I’m here to tell you that THAT is exactly what I thought at the age of 48 BEFORE I realized that I WAS just as important and everyone else and that I did DESERVE 60 mins for me, and that I could change my body and FEEL SO much better, have toned arms so that I could wear sleeveless shirts and not feel like the flab lady.

I could lose weight and pant sizes so that I could wear a bathing suit and FEEL GOOD!

Think of how you’d FEEL if you just took 30-60 mins for YOU, for your health, to do something good for you. Think of how much better your day would be, how much more energy, positivity, how much more everything you’d feel and have IF you just would commit to YOU!

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Wishing you HEALTH and HAPPINESS!