Consistency Working Out

Consistency Working Out

I had to share this

– BECAUSE – about 6 years ago now – wow it’s been that long! I found P90X(cause 21 day fix wasn’t out yet) and it

Consistency working out is WHY I have gotten results and maintained. I’ve learned SO many things from these trainers, the community, and doing these workouts – but it all started with Tony.

Tony Horton:
– taught me HOW to exercise, he actually made it more fun with the variety of p90x
– he showed me how to eat right
– he taught me that when you’re injured you don’t quit – you work out what you can
– he made me realize that it’s a LIFE long daily commitment
– he also brought me from a very negative person to a much more positive one
– he helped me improve physically and mentally
– and in case you all didn’t know – I don’t really like working out, but I do it cause I want to be like him at his age

Please read – they’re wise words:

A little advice from the one and only Tony Horton…

Are you willing to do the work to change for the better?
I think just about everyone I know and meet wants a better life. I often talk about variety, intensity, consistency and purpose as a means to create change. Even with these four important aspects of growth, many people fail to find the happiness and success they want because they’re not willing to let go of old habits, outdated ideas, and the bad company they keep.

Long lasting change comes from three things in my opinion. Curiosity, education, and faith. You must have absolute faith that your new direction is true to who you want to be. You must be willing to participate in continued education through personal development. And lastly, you have to put your hand in the air and ask as many questions as you possibly can, for the rest of your life.

Changing who we are, where we go, what we do, who we hang out with, and what we want to be, is not an easy thing to do. Change is a bitch. Transformation means that you’ll have to give up decades old friends, and behaviors, and that will almost certainly cause tumult, havoc and upheaval in your life, especially if you try changing your situation later in life. As a 58 year old man I look at a lot of my peers and see how difficult it is.

Dramatic change is possible, if you’re willing to take small steps every day, stay open minded, move with grace, humility, and honesty. Confidence and conviction are an aftereffect of a healthy lifestyle, which in turn allow you to stay curious, continue your education, and provide you with the faith that real change can happen.

These CAN be YOUR results too IF you just get STARTED and STICK with it!

Consistency Working Out

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