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I’m always looking for healthier options and making dehydrated apples chips yourself is a really easy one! Yes, you can buy the bare apple chips at Costco or another store, but this is SO easy to do and fun that why not do it yourself?

Here’s another idea ~ instead of buying all these gadgets yourself, find someone to share the expense and then share the gadget. Take turns passing it around. Do you have a friend who has a really tall ladder that you borrow? Or maybe someone that has great hedge clippers – why not go in together with a friend, family member, or neighbor and get a gadget that you can pass around and share – so much more economical and fun! I borrowed a friend’s dehydrator :)! 

Dehydrating is a great idea to do during the winter as it will help heat up your kitchen, while in the summer time I plan to do it on my outside screened in porch. It’s something that you can set up, then go off and do whatever around the house and not worry about it. Or you can dehydrate overnight perhaps, depending on the length of time that the food needs. 

I’m not an expert at dehydrated apple chips since they’re actually the first things I’ve dehydrated. Well I did do some sweet potatoes that also turned out pretty good. Not like the ones you buy, but we liked them and at least I know they don’t have anything added except some himalayan pink salt.

This is what I did – super easy – and totally YUMMY!! 

Step 1 – I used organic honey crisp apples, but I imagine you could use several other types. I would choose an apple that you like to eat. 

Step 2 – wash them thoroughlyDehydrated Apple Chips

Step 3 – Core them and slice them 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick – I borrowed my friends slicer and used that.Apple Chipsapples-3

Step 4 – lay them out on your dehydrator and sprinkle them with some cinnamonapples-4

Step 5 – dehydrate for 3-7 hours, depending on the guidelines from your dehydratorapples-5

Step 6 – EAT them and ENJOY!!! 

Store them in an airtight container, a big jar or ziplock bag. 

What else can you dehydrate? LOTS!!! I haven’t tried everything yet myself, but my friend tried(and I sampled), tomatoes, zucchini, figs. She did cherries that I didn’t get to try(as they were SO good they got eaten up!), but plan to do those this summer, and another friend has made beef jerky!!! The foods to dehydrate are many! Instead of gummy bears how cool would gummy cherries taste?!!! 

I hope this inspires YOU to try it yourself or with a friend!

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