Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Time

Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Time

Kitchen Gadgets That Save You TimeAre you a collector of kitchen gadgets? Do you get excited when you see a new one? Maybe you’re like me and you love to hang out in Marshalls and TJMaxx and look at all the neato kitchen items.

My mom used to LOVE kitchen gadgets and had many. BUT the down side is that often we collect them but then NEVER or RARELY use them. I’ve adopted the philosophy that I’m not going to buy it UNLESS I will get a lot of use out of it.

That brings us to todays gadget! It’s a veggie chopper we’ve used SO often that we’re on our second one. The first one finally broke after many many pots of soup, and several salsas. We tend to make soup more than salsa.

I think our neighbor gave the first one to us. Actually it was for my husband, who loves his perfectly square pieces of vegetables in his soup, and he also likes what I call “itty bitties”. That means he loves little tiny size veggies in his soups. I like the bigger chunks, so we have to compromise :)!

So WHAT will this kitchen gadget do for you?

  • make your soup prep take WAY less time
  • give you nice uniform pieces – instead of all different sizes like when I chop 🙂
  • cook your veggies more evenly – because they’re more uniform in size
  • make clean up a snap – it’s dishwasher safe
  • scare your cats, little dogs, and maybe the kids with the banging – OH maybe that’s not a benefit :)!
  • your kids will probably love to bang the chopper down if they’re the right age and the noise doesn’t scare them

What can I chop with this kitchen gadget?

You can chop  most any vegetable –

onions, garlic, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, you get the picture.

Check out the video and SEE it in ACTION!

Isn’t that just a great gadget?!!!

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