Motivation For Exercise

Motivation For ExerciseIt’s hard to stay motivated, day in and day out, to workout.  I know because like you I struggle with this many mornings.  So what can you do to help you get motivation for exercise?

There are several strategies, but do remember that no one can pour the desire into you.  You need a reason to get off the couch and exercise and a reason to not eat that ice cream that you really want.  You have to ultimately want something different in your life which brings us to the first thing.

Motivation For Exercise Has To Start With A Why

Motivation for exercise comes from you having a good solid reason why you want to get and stay in shape.  For me, I was tired of my pants being way to tight and totally uncomfortable ALL the time.  I was depressed and just didn’t feel well a lot of the time.  I also got sick a lot and kept getting these terrible sinus infections.  Motivation for exercise will elude you if you only have a short term goal, like to fit into a dress for a reunion.  Then when that’s over, why would you continue?  My motivation for exercise is because I love how I feel after I workout, and I love the fact that I can zoom around like a youngster, my clothes fit without feeling tight and uncomfortable, and I haven’t been sick in forever.  That I chalk up to shakeology, but that’s another post.

So why do you want to get in shape?  If it’s to be more active and be able to do stuff with your kids – how bad do you really want that?  Are you going to be stopped by the cost of a fitness program that has been proven to work from 1,000’s of people’s results?  I have many people who baulk at the cost of a challenge pack that comes with a coach who will help motivate you DAILY! This is one of the biggest reasons people quit, lack of support and encouragement.  It really helps you get through the tough spots when you have people encouraging you and answering questions you might have along the way.  We are all spending money on something, so why not put it into something that will help you see results not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  When you transform your body you gain self confidence and really become a totally different person.

Motivation for exercise also comes from enjoying the exercise program you’re doing.  If you don’t enjoy it then you won’t get up to do it.  If you don’t like the trainer you won’t do the program.  So find a trainer that inspires you and makes you want to get up every day and workout.  At Beachbody, you have many awesome one’s to choose from.  I’m easy, I like them all.

You will also get motivation for exercise when you make your exercise goal realistic.  If it’s just too lofty then you’ll get discouraged easily and give up.  So pick a reasonable weight loss goal, maybe a goal for how much you want to lose each week, each month, and total.

Make sure to track your progress weekly and monthly.  You will have more motivation for exercise when you start to see results and that will keep you showing up each day.

Don’t expect to be perfect.  Sometimes, well many times, life happens and we miss a workout.  It’s easy to say to ourselves; well since we missed a workout I might as well just forget it.  That will not get you to your goals.  Just pick yourself up and keep moving forward.  Continue with your workout program and don’t sweat that fact that you missed a day here or there.  The most important thing is that you just continue!!  Showing up is over half of the battle, SHOW UP!

Don’t compare yourself to others.  It’s especially hard for women over 40 because we don’t necessarily lose weight as quickly as men or our younger selves.  We have a lot of hormonal things going on, so it may take you longer than you expected.  Don’t be discouraged, just keep showing up.  It takes time and consistency and persistence, but if you continue you will have success.

As Tony would say, find the fun in the exercise and enjoy the journeyYou have to do something that you like.  If you like dancy workouts then try Brazil Butt Lift or Turbo Fire.  Both great programs ready to deliver fun and definitely results.  If you’re more of a weight lifting person, try P90X or even Body Beast.  And women, you can do Body Beast too.  You aren’t going to be all bulky; you’ll just have nicely defined muscles which looks really good especially as we age.  I’m doing Les Mills Pump and really like that one.  It’s different than any of the other programs I’ve done and I like the variety of trainers.  You have different ones through each workout and through the different DVD’s, so if you get bored with the same person then this might be the program for you.

You will not have motivation for exercise if it’s not convenient If you have to drive an hour to exercise, or if the whole process of getting there, exercising, getting home takes too long, you’re going to find excuses why not to do it.  This is another plus for in home fitness.  You just roll out of bed and do it, or you come home from work and just change and go exercise.  You save money on gas and time by just doing it at home.  It’s definitely more convenient.

Forget whatever did or didn’t work for you in the past Our bodies change over time and what worked in our 20’s doesn’t necessarily work in our 40’s.  You also have different goals in your 40’s than you did in your 20’s.  Start a new beginning, a new chapter in your life, make this year the year of change, of health and fitness for you and your family.

Lastly, make sure you have some way to reward yourself when you reach your goals.  Don’t just reward yourself at the end, and don’t reward yourself with food.  If you reach your goal for the week, reward yourself with a massage, or a manicure or pedicure, or maybe a movie with friends, or a weekend get away with your spouse.  Reward yourself with something that lifts your spirit and mood.

So back to our previous question, how bad do you want to get healthy and in shape?  Is it bad enough to get you off the couch or out of bed an hour early? Bad enough to really look at your schedule and fit it in because if you had a sick friend that really needed your help I bet you’d fit that into your busy schedule right?  So, find time to do something that will only help you and make your life and your family’s lives better.  When you feel happy with yourself and your body image, you become a different person that will inspire all the people around you.