The Accountability Partner Effect

Accountability Partner

Accountability PartnerYou want to get healthier and start exercising, but you’re just having a really hard time doing it by yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if your husband wanted to work out with you and be your accountability partner?

But…he doesn’t…

Maybe a friend will be your accountability partner!…no takers…

Have you found yourself in this situation? I know that I have. So, what do you do? If you just keep on the way you’ve been going nothing will change. Your clothes will still be too snug, swimsuit season will pass you by, and you’ll never be happy to have your picture taken. You’re READY for a change, but you want some support.

5 Reasons an Accountability Partner OR Group Works

  • It forces you to be honest
  • It forces you to check in daily with someone other than yourself
  • It allows you to help others
  • It gives you objective opinions from others, feedback, and gentle nudges
  • It offers good competition

People With An Accountability Partner/Buddy Have MORE success!

Did you know that people who have a buddy to workout with or help keep them accountable are more likely to reach their goals? True statement. It’s actually one of the biggest factors in weight loss success, changing eating habits, or any other lifestyle change that you want to make.

When you KNOW that you have to check in with someone, it makes you stick to your goals and decide to skip the latte and ice cream.

Accountability Partner

You’ve probably noticed this yourself. That’s why you’re looking for an accountability partner in your husband or friend. Well you don’t have to look any farther than your computer.

There are people all over the country who would love to have a local buddy just like you, but can’t find one so they’ve decided to join an online accountability group and go all in with their online accountability partners.

Guess what happens?

You ready for it?

They have GREAT success!

They check into their group each day and post what they did, encourage the other members, and get encouragement themselves when they need it. They commit to the other group members who in turn commit to them.

The Accountability Partner Effect

An Accountability Partner OR Group Shows You We All Struggle

An Accountability partner or group is a place to check in, ask questions, and get help when you need it. It’s also a place for you to help others and see that we all struggle with the same issues. You’re not the only one who wants to eat pizza or junk all the time. Did I just say that? Yes! I LOVE pizza and doritos!

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or learn to eat cleaner without success, then it’s time to try something that works.

I’ve been running online accountability groups for the past 3 years and the people that check in daily have great success. You can too!

I also do health coaching and one of my clients said “Every time I make a meal I think about you and know that I have to check in with you so I have to choose well! It’s keeping me on track and I love it!”

Having someone, an accountability partner, to be accountable to helps YOU reach your goals. 

I run 21 day challenges on facebook each month and would love to help you get started. 

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Don’t wait…YOU want to see some positive changes ~ so let’s start now!

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