The Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Before You Start

This is a guest post by my editor and husband who did Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.

Your Beachbody Ultimate Reset box just arrived and you are ready to jump right in: don’t! You want to prepare for this event. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is going to make you work (Shop and Chop), so get yourself ready first. You are going to be very busy once you start, especially if you have a busy life already, so get as much done in advance as you can. You may have a hard time finding some of the ingredients like Miso paste and Jicama, so give yourself enough time to fully prepare.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Before You Start

The first thing you want to do to get ready for your Ultimate Reset is pick a starting day: I had read that on days 4 and 5 you would be feeling the worst so I started on Wednesday so those days would fall on Saturday and Sunday when I would be at home. I found that lots of people do this, but it doesn’t matter on which day you start, there will be plenty of people in the same week with you. As you can read in my other posts, day one was my problem day and days four and five were fine.

The three major things you will need for the Ultimate Reset are herbal supplements (provided in your package), food, and distilled water. The Ultimate Reset program is laid out very well; it provides not only recipes for every meal, but a shopping list for each week so that you will have everything you need to prepare for all the recipes. Either go to and click on Beachbody Ultimate Reset on the menu on the right, or just go to Don’t click on the Participant Portal first, since it won’t go anywhere until you click on Participant Login in the top right corner. Sign on using your Beachbody username and password. If you don’t already have a free team beachbody login get one by ===> Clicking Here <===. The main screen of the Ultimate Reset gives you everything you need to know.


The Beachbody Ultimate ResetUltimate Reset Shopping!

The main screen of the Ultimate Reset gives you everything you need to know. To bring up the shopping list just click on the link below the seven days for each Phase (week). I found it easier to print out all three lists so I could find items that I could buy and not worry about going bad for the 21 days. This included the nuts, seeds, and vinegars to name a few. Of course some of these items we already had. Some things are surprisingly hard to find. We looked at several stores before finding Grade B Maple Syrup; they all had Grade A syrup. Spend some time looking around the website and watching the cooking videos so that you can see what will be coming up and know what to expect. To see the cooking videos click on a day. Here you will see all three meals for that day and videos of how to prepare them.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset 2










Let’s do some shopping! There are lots of fresh vegetables on the menu for the Ultimate Reset, so don’t buy the later weeks’ groceries too soon or they might go bad by the time you use them. Some of these items may be new to you. The hardest thing about shopping for something new is that it may come in several varieties or be hard to find. In the videos for each meal Melissa Costello describes each ingredient and gives some ideas of where you can find them.

You need lots of distilled water. I would buy at least a gallon a day. You will find that you drink more than the one ounce per two pounds of body weight that is prescribed. It will help you get through the worse effects of the cleanse. Distilled water won’t go bad, so buy all you need.

Ultimate Reset Chopping!

Let’s do some chopping! Do you remember back in the 1970’s when there was a huge “advance” in the development of prepared foods to make our lives easier? When I was ten years old I thought that a TV dinner was the greatest thing next to baseball, but now that I’m an adult I know that to be healthy we need to put a little effort into cooking. There is a lot of food preparation in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. You don’t spend three weeks munching on raw carrots; this food is good, but it takes some work. In the videos Melissa does a really good job of explaining how to cook each recipe so that even a novice can make them well. Novice or not, you can learn some helpful tips here. Can you tell that I really think the videos are very useful?

You can get the whole family involved by assigning kids tasks like, chopping(if they’re old enough), or bagging the chopped items. They can wash and peel the vegetables. When kids help prepare the meal, they’re more likely to eat it. There were many people(mainly women) who posted in the facebook group that they were getting NO support at home. So, get the whole family involved at least for the main meals, and encourage them to try something new. The kids may be a challenge, but hopefully your spouse will give you the support you need.

Save time by preparing your lunches for the next day the night before or even while you’re making dinner to reduce the extra cleanup. Look ahead in the meal schedule for repeats of the same meal or parts of a meal. You will have Lentil Lime Salad for lunch and Nori Rolls for dinner on Day 3, but then you will have both for lunch on Day 4. There isn’t enough repetition in the menu to make it monotonous, but take advantage of what there is to reduce your preparation time.

Share in your experience of the Ultimate Reset

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Phase 1 Reclaim group currently has 1,008 members. If you don’t think that’s a good thing then you should: it is so much easier to know that other people’s kidneys are hurting on the 10th day and that it went away by the 11th day, when yours are hurting on the 10th day too. Even if you don’t want to tell total strangers anything about yourself by making a post, you can still read what they have to say. I have never been a big facebook poster, however, I enjoyed both reading other people’s posts and sharing my experiences. It made me feel good encouraging others when they needed it. Second only to watching Melissa Costello’s videos, I think this is one of the most important aspects of the program. Go ahead and join all three groups so you are ready to go and at least read some posts from the first week to get some hints of what to expect and how to make the journey a little easier.

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