Tony Horton Kitchen ~ Summary

Tony Horton Kitchen

Tony Horton KitchenTony Horton Kitchen is convenient.  Listen – convenient, convenient, and convenient usually translates to fatty, salty, and unhealthy.  With Tony Horton Kitchen it translates to tasty, diverse, and nutritious; what else would you expect from the King of Fitness?

Tony Horton Kitchen Meals Are Delicious 

I guess it really matters what you think of as a really good meal since if you go to a ‘fancy’ restaurant you will be getting lots of butter, cream, and salt; that’s lots of calories and fat, but that’s the fabulous taste you are looking for when you go out.  Or is it?  Some of the Tony Horton Kitchen meals were better than others.  They were all good, but some were great.  That is probably mostly a question of food preference. 

My wife and I have weaned ourselves off of fatty ingredients in food.  For a long time we have eaten a healthy diet compared to most, which means we cook our own meals from scratch and don’t eat fast food or even processed foods.  Now that is the biggest step you could take to becoming MUCH healthier.  Food engineers work tirelessly making fast foods more desirable and ‘tasty’ and don’t put any good nutrition into them.  Do you know their main ingredients no matter what type of food it is?  Fat, sugar and salt.  These things are used sparingly at Tony Horton’s Kitchen. 

We ordered a week’s worth of Tony Horton Kitchen meals for two main reasons:  Curiosity and Convenience.  Everyone likes a week off from the work involved in preparing meals.  That’s one reason we go on vacation.  This was a kind of meal vacation around Valentine’s Day.   It was very convenient.  We were also curious about these meals since we had sent them to my parents but didn’t really know what they were like.  We knew they would be good since Tony Horton was involved, but we didn’t know exactly what the experience and the details were like.

I ordered Tony Horton Kitchen meals by going to the website Tony Horton and filling out the order form.  It only took a few minutes. You can to choose either the Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian menu and either five or seven days of meals.  We tried the Flexitarian meals for five days.  I ordered on Monday before noon which is the deadline to receive meals that Friday.  On Friday I received an email with the menu for the week and that afternoon there was a box on the front porch with our meals.  Check out our post at here to see what the package looks like. 

Tony Horton Kitchen meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day.  Our breakfast items included Hearty Granola, Apple Granola Breakfast Crumble, Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Oatmeal, and Egg White Vegetable & Quinoa Frittata.  The Hearty Granola was just the way my wife makes with almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and maple syrup and oats; we don’t use the gluten free oats though.  We ate some dry and some with milk.  It was good both ways.  The Breakfast Crumble was like a moist Granola and was tasty also.  Both of these we actually ate as desserts since we are addicted to Shakeology for breakfast.  The oatmeal was delicious with the raisins and walnuts and sweetened with dates.  Dishes with eggs are difficult to prepare in advance but we enjoyed the Frittatas even thought they were not as good as if they had been freshly prepared.  It was mainly a matter of the consistency of the eggs.

Tony Horton KitchenThe Tony Horton Kitchen menu specified each day’s lunch and dinner items, but as far as we were concerned the lunches and dinner items were interchangeable.  We had Traditional Minestrone Stew, Lentil Soup with Plantains, Oriental Vegetable Pasta, Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Cakes with Curry Sauce, Quinoa and Black Bean Risotto with Chicken, Sesame Coated Emerald Veggies with Quinoa and Mahi, Italian Veggie Pasticcio with Turkey Ragu, and Southern Black Bean & Vegetable Stew with Meatballs, Ginger Coconut Rice with Vegetables and Salmon, and Lentil and Brown Rice.  Since we got the Flexitarian menu it included mahi, salmon, meatballs, turkey sauce, and chicken breast.

Not being able to eat tomato sauce often, I found it interesting having meatballs in a black bean stew.  It was definitely something different that we really enjoyed.  I was wondering about the meats and fish in the recipes since they are prepared in what could be a week in advance depending on which day you eat them.  This was not an issue and we thoroughly enjoyed all of these items.  There was nothing on the menu that we did not like.  The one dish that stood out over all of the others was the Italian Veggie Pasticcio with Turkey Ragu.  I made an exception on the tomato sauce for this one.  It was basically vegetable lasagna with a turkey Italian Pasticciotomato sauce.  It was Primo good!

The Tony Horton Kitchen menus made great use of ingredients like black beans and quinoa along with a long list of standard vegetables to create very tasty dishes.  But you aren’t going to finish the week thinking that you just had the best food in your life (except the Pasticcio) unless you already eat a very nutritious low fat, low salt diet.  You will think that it was a nice break AND that you ate very well and feel great.  You will have had a week of good nutrition and no toxins – as long as you don’t stray from these meals.  You will have reduced your intake of fat and salt and overall calories so your body will have started getting used to healthier foods and will be craving more healthy foods. 

If you can afford to hire an Iron Chef who also has a doctoral degree in nutrition then Tony Horton Kitchen is probably not for you.  If you want to start eating healthier but have never cooked with a variety of vegetables and healthy ingredients like quinoa and chickpeas and are looking to try some very tasty and healthy meals then Tony Horton Kitchen is for you.  You can always get a cookbook later and try cooking foods with these ingredients now that you know how good they can taste.  If you are very busy and just can’t prepare those healthy meals that you know you should be eating but just don’t have the time, then Tony Horton Kitchen is for you.    If you just want to take a week off from the busy schedule of making meals three times a day then Tony Horton Kitchen is definitely for you.

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