Beachbody Programs – Are They Worth The Price?

Beachbody Programs

Beachbody ProgramsThis is the question that many people ask themselves when trying to decide if they want a Beachbody program.  Well, I hope that in this post I will be able to enlighten you as to exactly what you get with a Beachbody program

Way back when I ordered the Firm workout.  I believe it cost about $30 for one VHS tape that was an hour long.  It kicked my butt, but it was only one workout.  After a while that got a little boring.  You could order more tapes, but they were all about $30.  That was expensive.  They didn’t come with anything extra, no schedule, no nutrition info, nothing.  Did they get results?  If you could do it for however long and not get totally bored, that was the problem.

Check out my video and see how much you get with our Beachbody programs.  AND they deliver results if you do the program.  That has been proven by the 1000’s of transformation stories of people all over the country. 


So is a Beachbody program worth the price? You have to make up your own mind, but I have seen the results for myself, for my husband, and for many of my friends and challenge group members who have done them.  They work if you do the work.  They’re fun, they’re motivating, and they make you want to work out.  Some of them also come with equipment like bands for arm work, or bands for your legs.

Order yours today!! Don’t wait, don’t ponder, just do it!! And see the change yourself.  Besides, they have a 30 day money back guarantee in case you don’t see results. So seriously what do you have to lose?