Tony Horton Kitchen ~ Meal That Taste Great

Tony Horton KitchenSo far we have been very satisfied with our Tony Horton Kitchen meals.  Since we ordered 5 days worth of meals for one person (15 total meals), we are sharing each item.  All you have to do with these meals is reheat them, and you can do so via the microwave, stovetop or oven.  Directions are right on the label.

On day 1 we tried the Tony Horton Kitchen butternut squash and asparagus risotto and the ginger coconut rice with vegetables and salmon.  When you look at the container you think that it’s not going to be enough food, but it actually fills a dinner plate and is plenty of food indeed.  They were very good portions, and extremely tasty.  Here is my quick video of our meal after reheating.

(We took the video with our iPhone and apparently haven’t yet figured out how to take it so it comes out bigger.)

You may have noticed in the video that each dish is an all-in-one meal. They don’t have separate compartments with the protein, vegetable, and starch like those nasty old TV dinners I used to love when I was 10.  All the meals from Tony Horton Kitchen come as one dish with the vegetables mixed in like Lasagna, Soup, Frittata, and Risotto where all of the ingredients are mixed together.  The containers are sealed with plastic and are easy to open.  We put most in the oven so far, except the frittata which we heated in a frying pan.  I don’t like to use the microwave but that is an option. 

Italian PasticcioOn the second night we made the Italian vegetable pasticcio with turkey ragu.  OK, we didn’t do anything but transfer it to a small casserole dish and stick it in the oven, but isn’t that the point!  When I took it out of the oven we tasted it to see if it was done and it was so good we couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone.  We hadn’t even put it on plates.  We just stood there at the island eating.  My husband has a problem with acid reflux which is aggravated by tomato sauce so he usually avoids eating any.  I figured I would get at least the majority of this dish.  I’m not sure if I even got half; he was eating it so fast I had to fight to keep up and get my share.  I promise you that next time we get that dish we will put it on our own plates and sit down and savor it.

We also had the Tony Horton Kitchen Minestroni Soup.  It is pretty hearty and more like a stew than a soup.  We enjoyed it even though it didn’t get the dueling fork award, and actually made it to the table.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I get any of the Tony Horton Kitchen Moroccan spiced chickpea cakes with curry sauce or the Oriental vegetable pasta.  Pete loves Oriental vegetables!

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