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Chin-Up Max
Chin-Up Max

The Chin-up max can push your workout to the next level. Do you have trouble with pull-ups? If you’re a female over 45 who haven’t done them ever or since you were a teenager, then I’m sure you, like me, have trouble. Well have no fear, help is here! It’s called Chin-Up Max, and it’s a great way to help you reach your chin-up goal. My main fitness programs have been P90X and P90X2, both require you to do many varieties of chin-ups. Most people interchange the terms chin-up and pull-up. Whatever you call them I couldn’t do any when I first started P90X. But just to be clear, the following is the typical definition of the two:

Pull-ups are when your palms are facing away from you; they work more of your back and less of your biceps. These work your lats more and tend to be harder for most people.

Chin-ups are when your palms are facing toward you. They work more of your bicep, and less of your back. These are easier for most people. (I can do 3 of these on my own 🙂 )

It’s good to do all different variations of chin-ups and pull-ups because then you will work all the different muscles in your back, chest, and arms.

Check out my demonstration here!

Chin-Up Max: Why You Want To Do Chin-Ups?

First of all, why do we want to do chin-ups/pull-ups? I don’t, that’s probably what you’re saying right now. Chin-ups are one of the best exercises to do to increase your upper body strength and the chin-up max will help you do this. Since you’re lifting the weight of your own body when doing chin-ups/pull-ups, this helps you build the muscles in your chest, back and arms. If you’re having trouble even doing one chin-up there are some things you can do to make chin-ups easier.

Chin-up Max: How Do I Prepare?

There are some exercises you can do to help strengthen your muscles and get them ready for chin-ups. One thing is the flex hang, where you get your chin over the bar by using a chair, then hang there for as long as you can. Tighten all your muscles; even if you only last a second, that’s a start. You can then progress to the negative chin-up. For this one, you get yourself into the top position and then very slowly with control lower yourself down to a hanging position.

Chin-up Max: How Do I Start?

Step 1 Bands

Start With BandsIf you can’t do any of these on your own, the best thing to do is start by building up the strength in your back and arms by using resistance bands. You use bands to imitate the chin-up motion by attaching them to your door with a door attachment. Bands are also great if you don’t have anywhere to put a chin-up bar or if you’re traveling for work or vacation.

Step 2 Chair

Once you’ve used the bands and built up your muscles, you can progress to using a chair to assist you in your chin-ups. To do this, you place the chair under and slightly in front of your chin-up bar and with one foot on the chair and the other straight down you do your chin-ups. To make it harder, move the chair further away from you.

Step 3 Chin-Up Max

I used the chair for quite some time before ordering the chin-up max. Personally, I wish I’d ordered it sooner. With the chin-up max you’re using more of your upper body. When you’re using the chair it’s too easy to use your leg to get you up instead of your upper body. You really have to concentrate on using your arms and back with the chair. With the chin-up max, you can adjust the length which controls the amount of bounce you have to pull yourself up. The lower the foot strap the harder it is and the less bounce or assist you get. The higher the foot strap the easier it is and the more bounce you get.

Lower = harder, higher = easier

Once you get really good, you can take off the middle band to make it more difficult.

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