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How To Choose Healthy Peanut Butter

How to choose healthy peanut butter is not the easiest thing when there are so many choices. We probably tend to buy whatever our mom bought for us, which isn’t necessarily the best option. The best option is to grind your own peanuts, but most of us don’t want or have time to do that – so luckily there are some better options.

First a warning – if you’ve been buying the sugary not so good for you peanut butter, you’ll most likely need to work your way to healthier. This is exactly what I did with my family.

Check out this video with my friend Lori and see how to choose a healthy peanut butter for your family!


Things to be sure to avoid:

Hydrogenated oil –  When hydrogenated, the chemical structure of the oil is changed, which scientists in the 1990s began to realize could result in negative health effects. This is used as a preservative, and we know that preservatives are not good. 

Look for peanut butters with the least amount of ingredients and least amount of sugar. If you can just choose one that is peanuts, that’s what you want, or if you can grind them yourself that’s even better.

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