Energy Drinks | Why Energy Drinks Are Bad?

Energy Drinks

Energy DrinksEnergy Drinks! They’re everywhere. Are you drinking them? Are your kids drinking them? We’ve made ourselves so busy that we need tons of coffee and energy drinks to get ourselves through the day. I have students that I teach who are literally addicted to red bull. They have like 5 or more in a day.

Energy drinks can boost the heart rate and blood pressure (sometimes to the point of palpitations), dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, prevent sleep.

Energy Drinks often have ingredients in them that look like they’re healthy – like amino acids or vitamins, but those are better gotten through your food or Shakeology!

The other BIG problem with these energy drinks is that they are FILLED with Sugar!! Some of them had over 50 grams in one can, which was actually 2 servings. Most people most likely drink the whole can at once without even realizing that it’s that much sugar. 

Did you realize that 7 teaspoons of sugar = 29 grams?  Dump that out on a plate in your kitchen and see what that looks like. 

So check out this video with my friend Lori to see what a better option is ~ PS: you might not like the answer – but it’s the truth! 


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