Great Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast!

Fitness EnthusiastI always find it hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas no matter who is on my list.  However, if you have a fitness enthusiast in your midst you may find it a bit easier, as there are many great ideas that are sure to please.  I have become a fitness enthusiast and would love any of these gift ideas. 



No. 1     A Vitamix blender the fitness enthusiast’s day! 

Vitamix For The Fitness EnthusiastI’ve gone through SO many blenders it’s not even funny. I’ve not regretted this purchase one bit! I bought mine when it was on sale at Costco. My kitchenaid blender leaked as did several others, and my magic bullet wasn’t really big enough for my shakes plus I finally wore that out too.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent over the years in blenders. 

I’ve been SO happy with this blender which we use at least twice a day to make our Shakeology.  It blends it nice and smooth, unlike many other blenders. The other great thing is that it has I believe a 25 year warranty. We had to send ours back because the ground in the plug broke, and when it was returned to us, they’d sent us a NEW pitcher! WAY COOL!

Not only will your fitness enthusiast be totally ecstatic, because they will be able to whip up all sorts of great totally healthy concoctions from smoothies and juices, to soups – hot and cold, to sorbet, all in a matter of minutes.  We’ve made hummus and a vegan cheesecake in ours.  We use it at least twice a day and clean up is a snap.

No.2      A Heart Rate Monitor is another great gift for your fitness enthusiast.

There are basically two types of heart rate monitors – the chest strap models and finger sensor models.

Heart Rate Monitor for the Fitness EnthusiastThe chest strap model, which consists of a strap that goes around your chest and a wrist watch, is most likely what you want for your fitness enthusiast because it gives you continuous heart rate readings without having to stop during the exercise.  They also tend to be more accurate and they offer more options such as speed and distance monitoring.  They are usually more expensive than the finger sensor models, but you know the saying, you often get what you pay for and monitoring your heart rate is important for the fitness enthusiast because they are going to want to work out at the proper intensity level to stay in their optimal heart rate target zone.

The finger sensor model just has a wristwatch monitor that you have to touch to get a reading which means you have to stop your exercise and they tend not to be as accurate or versatile as the chest strap monitors.

No. 3     All fitness enthusiasts could use some new workout apparel. 

Workout ApparelYou don’t have to buy anything fancy.  You can get them a t-shirt from their favorite work out program or make one online with their favorite fitness quote.  But we never have too many work out outfits! Do we? 🙂

No. 4     A fitness book is another great option for the fitness enthusiast. 

Tony Horton’s Bring It! and Crush It! are great options because not only are they packed with great health, food, and fitness information, they also have workouts in them.  Bring It has 3 workouts for 3 different levels of fitness.  Crush It is made for the iPad and has the warrior’s workout along with short videos that highlight some of the moves.  It’s a great workout for the fitness enthusiast who travels a lot.

No. 5     An alternative to work out gloves for your fitness enthusiast is gym skins.

Weight lifting gloves can sometimes be uncomfortable so this is another option. They’re basically cushiony pads that fit in the palm of your hand and you grip the weights, bar, or equipment with them.  You can easily wash them which is a plus.  I don’t think I ever washed my weight lifting gloves.  Check them out here at gymskins.

Rumble Roller

No. 6     A foam roller isn’t just for the fitness enthusiast.

This can be used for anyone. Don’t know what the heck a foam roller is? Check out my previous post and see why everyone can benefit from a foam roller.

No. 7     A Chin Up Max is a must for the fitness enthusiast.

This will help you really take your work out to the next level.  If you’ve been doing pull ups with the chair to assist you, this will make you use your back and arm muscles more and not rely on your legs as much.  I definitely felt and noticed a difference when I started using the chin up max.  For more information on that check out my previous post about how the chin up max can help you.

No. 8     Aquabells are strange but if your fitness enthusiast travels and doesn’t have access to a weight room this might be for them.

These are dumbbells that you fill with water, up to 16 pounds.  Then when you’re done with them you empty them, flatten them, and back into your suitcase they go.  Yes, these are a little odd, but if you wouldn’t have to leave your room to work out :).

No. 9     imuffs are an option so your fitness enthusiast won’t be without their tunes.

iMuffsThese are wireless headphones that will sync to your iPhone or iPod.  You may want them for more than just working out.  You can listen to music then transfer to an incoming call.  Pretty neato!


No. 10   Your fitness enthusiast will also be happy to receive a new fitness program!

Who doesn’t need more variety in their life?  A new fitness program is always a great choice and to help you choose something fun you can head over to Beachbody and check out what’s new.

Click here to find the perfect fitness program for your fitness enthusiast

Some other great ideas are a gift basket with healthy snacks, superfoods, nuts, and fruits.  I hope this helps give you a couple of ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life.  I’d love to hear your ideas, so please share below in the comments section.

Until next time, happy shopping and continue on your path to a healthier YOU!

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