How To Lose Weight During Menopause

how to lose weight during menopause

how to lose weight during menopauseThis is for all of you women who find yourselves in the middle of menopause and unable to make those pounds and middle section budge. It’s easy to just blame it all on menopause and talk about it and SAY that we’d like to look better, feel better, and have more energy, but it’s another thing to actually DO something about it, TRY something different, MAKE ourselves a priority and find a solution.

I used to be there!!

Why the gym isn’t helping you lose weight during menopause

I used to go to the gym 5 days a week! I tried the machine circuit, I tried the treadmill and elliptical and free weights. I hired a personal trainer to help me get arm definition. NONE of it worked until I found these programs.

WHY??? Because I wasn’t exercising so that I was challenging my muscles. I was spending too much time doing things that weren’t getting me results. AND I didn’t really know how and when to eat, or what to eat when so that I’d get the most out of my food.

Also ladies, if you’re just doing cardio cardio cardio then your body is adapting and while you may be sweating up a storm and your fitbit is saying you’re burning 1000’s of calories, BUT you’re not getting any more toned this month than last month, then it’s time to change it up.

Why beachbody programs help you lose weight during menopause

Enter beachbody programs that lay it all out for you – EASILY!! In 30-50 min workouts, depending on which program you choose to do, in 21 days to 60 days, you could have a totally different body. After going to the gym for a year and still having the same size 10 body, clothes strangling me, flabby arms, 21-60 days sounds pretty good to me if I’ll SEE something happen!!

I’ve numerous women, over 40 over 50, in pre-menopause, and in the throws of menopause, who haven’t been able to get results doing the normal things, cardio, treadmill, elliptical, walking, running, swimming, BUT HAVE gotten results with these programs – WHY??? Because once again, you’ll be using muscles you didn’t know were there!! AKA challenging your body!

Another reason why you may not lose weight during menopause

But here’s the thing too. Just working out isn’t going to do it, if you don’t LEARN the nutrition part. So that means WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, HOW much to eat.

Now I HATE tracking, I hate counting calories. BUT they’ve made that easy too!! No counting calories – no counting points. It’s all easy with the color coded containers that come with the program. And one meal is already figured out for you and that’s Shakeology.

Why Shakeology will help you lose weight during menopause

Shakeology is not just a “protein shake” like most people think.

Shakeology is a very nutrient dense MEAL REPLACEMENT.  By replacement I mean it is the nutritional equivalent to FIVE plates of salad.  I don’t know about you, I do love salad, but I don’t care to eat five a day and certainly couldn’t do it for 180 calories. Shakeology makes it very easy to cut your calories LOW, without subsequently cutting your daily volume of nutrients needed.

Truth be told, the majority of people are WAY MORE nutrient deficient, than they are Protein deficient.

What makes shakeology different is the quality of all the ingredients, where they come from and what they do for your internal health on a cellular level. Shakeology does NOT have artificial sweeteners,  artificial colors,  soy,  artificial stimulants, or artificial flavors. The sweetener, Stevia, is from a plant base.  So often I see people comparing shakeology completely on terms that are irrelevant and foregoing basic nutrition needs and food quality.

Shakeology is about HEALTH.  When you put the RIGHT nutrients in your body that it needs to develop, heal, recover, repair and thrive, you will ultimeltaly have MORE energy, LESS cravings, and FEEL better therefore you eat less and become more active.  With Shakeology, weight loss becomes a BYPRODUCT of dense nutrition.  To make my point, when was the last time you dieted and cut calories only to feel tired, grouchy and had a ton of cravings?  That is because you were nutrient deficient.  Its nearly impossible, even on a perfect diet, to cut calories without cutting your volume of needed nutrients leaving your body screaming for MORE (which we manifest as cravings).

Are you ready to  lose weight during menopause?

The question is WHY are you just talking about WHAT you want to accomplish but not doing anything?

Why are you doing the same thing that you’ve been doing for the past 2 years that hasn’t changed your body?

Why wouldn’t you DO

  • shorter workouts in your own home
  • save the gym fee
  • save the gas money
  • save the time
  • and GET RESULTS?

There is NO gimmick, there is NO magic pill, but there is work, there is showing up each day for YOU, and there is TONS of support in my online groups! Apply HERE for my next group!

Here’s some straight talk to get you losing weight during menopause!!

Don’t let menopause be an EXCUSE to just stay where you are. YOU are worth investing in, YOU are worth feeling better, YOU should have energy – even over 40 and 50!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, sometimes we just have to try out different things until we find WHAT works for us!

Check out the 21 day fix workout program that is getting my ladies REAL results, AND at the same time helping them LEARN how to eat, WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat!

Keep improving YOU!


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