PiYo ~ Strength And Flexibility Combined

Piyo: Strength And Flexibility Combined

Having trouble getting the body you want?

Chalene Johnson, creator of fitness programs like Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire, is coming out with a new program this summer at the Beachbody Coach Summit 2014.

PiYo is high intensity workout program that does not require jumping and thus are low impacts but efficient and effective. PiYo workouts mainly include dancing, athletic drills, core conditioning, sports training, and stretching. These workouts are devised to maximize body’s flexibility, core stability, agility and strength.

The home workout version of PiYo has been devised to give those who need a full body workout that delivers flexibility, core training, body sculpting and a big calorie burn in one intense, yet short workout that’s easy on the joints but delivers big results. Chalene created this program for people who don’t really like yoga or pilates but who would like a good sweat and serious results and need flexibility. Chalene created PiYo for those who need flexibility but don’t like all the rules and rigid poses of Yoga. With PiYo there are no rules. This fusion style workout delivers athletic stretch, dynamic movement and the deep stretch that so many need. It’s a program that will be easy on your joints, feet and knees.  You’ll be using your body weight to sculpt your body.


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