Roasted Okra? NO WAY!

roasted okra

Okra! Most of us think of slimy oooey gooey YUCK! Enter roasted Okra!

I haven’t ever actually had it slimy, but my hubs had and he wasn’t at all thrilled when I brought some home from our local CSA farm. I tried baking it with garlic and onions and it wasn’t bad, but still not that great. I’ve made it where you bread it and then sautee it up in olive oil, but that’s a little more labor intensive than I really wanted.

For several weeks in the mornings, I volunteered at my CSA farm. At noon, they take turns making lunch for everyone and would always invite me to stay, which fortunately led me to be able to taste roasted okra that one of the girls, Michelle, made one day. I loved it and of course couldn’t wait to get home and make my own.

Luckily for me, Pete(the hubs) will try anything I make and usually likes most things. He LOVED the roasted okra and I’ve since shared it with many people who were not okra fans, but now are!

It’s super simple to make and sure to please your family. I find that almost anything roasted is just SOOOOO good!

So WHY might you want to even eat this strange looking veggie? Here are just a FEW of the benefits of okra.

  1. Okra has high levels of vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), and vitamin C, and traces of zinc and calcium
  2. Okra excellent fiber source to maintain a healthy digestive system and help with constipation.
  3. One cup of raw okra (100 grams) contains 33 calories and includes 44 percent of the bone-strengthening vitamin K you need for one day, which is important as a co-factor for blood-clotting enzymes.
  4. The folate in okra imparts 22 percent of the RDA in a 1-cup serving, which is important for pregnant mothers to decrease the risk of neural tube defects in their babies.

So let’s get cooking!

What you’ll need:

Okra – how much you’d like – we were doing 11 pieces per person – NOTE the medium to smaller ones are best

Olive Oil

Himalayan pink salt

Garlic powder

What to do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
  2. Rinse okra and pat dry
  3. Toss okra with olive oil, salt and garlic powder
  4. Line baking sheet with foil, lay out okra so it’s not too crowded
  5. Roast for about 15 mins and check to see if it’s browned on one side, if browned, flip it and roast another 10 or so mins until browned on the second side.

roasted okra

Let me know if you try it and what you think. Did you do something different?

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