Toned Arms For Women ~ Video #5

In this post, I’m sharing my fifth video in my  batwings be gone series, which is to help women get those toned arms that may have been eluding them for quite sometime. This exercise is another challenging one.

This series is to help you lose those flabby arms and start on your journey to toned and sculpted arms so that you’ll have confidence when you put on that sleeveless shirt!

I used to FEEL my arms flopping around every time I wrote on the chalkboard and I HATED it!

Toned Arms For Women

This is another exercise that I struggled with when I first did it. I couldn’t go down very far and had to do this one on my knees. But that’s ok! Remember to always start from where you are and don’t expect to be able to do lots of these at first. As you can see, my total numbers are still pretty low. It’s hard! :)!

However, if you want toned arms and no more floppy ones – this exercise will get you closer to your goal!

Comment below with your number for this exercise

mine is 5-10

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