Tricep Workout For Women ~ Video #4

In this post, I’m sharing my fourth video in my  batwings be gone series and this tricep workout for women is a challenging one. These definitely helped me lose my flabby arms and start on my journey to toned and sculpted arms.

I used to FEEL my arms flopping around every time I wrote on the chalkboard and I HATED it!

SO all you teachers and women who want some toned arms and no more floppy ones – here’s another exercise to get you going!

Tricep Workout For Women

For me this has been one of the hardest exercises because for one, women usually don’t have strong tricep muscles. This just means that we need to be sure to work on strengthening this muscle more than I think we do. When I started my fitness journey I couldn’t do any of these military presses, or tricep pushups on my toes, and I could barely do them on my knees.

As I continued to follow my home workout program schedule, I found myself getting stronger and stronger each week. It was pretty amazing. Over time I got off my knees and onto my toes. Again, start from where you are – if that means you can do just one on your knees that’s fine!

ALSO – you CAN do these against a wall to start with and then progress to your knees then your toes.

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