Workout Room Tour

I have a workout room in my house! Come join me on my workout room tour!

I’m excited because I never thought that working out at home would be for me. BUT you know what? It’s great because it saves you in all different areas!

#1 It saves you tons of TIME!

I used to go to the gym which meant driving to and from the gym – about 10-15 mins.

NOW – I just roll out of bed, put on my clothes – don’t even need to brush my hair OR put on a hat if I don’t want to!

#2  It save you gas money!

Did I mention that I just roll out of bed and walk upstairs to the gym? No starting the car, no using gas, no heating the car in the cold, no talking myself out of it because I don’t want to get into the cold car.

#3 It saves you money – period!

The gym didn’t care if I showed up or if I didn’t – they still just took my money.

The gym didn’t message me or tag me when I didn’t show up.

The gym didn’t help me with nutrition.

The gym show me WHAT to do once I got there! So I did the SAME thing everyday and DIDN’T see any change.

The gym didn’t give me a supportive encouraging community – free – at NO extra cost!

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