Your Health Is Your Most Important Asset

Your Health Is Your Most Important AssetWe put prices on a lot of things in life….. actually everything in life comes with a price.
Groceries. ????
Cars. ????
Housing. ????
But what you can’t put a price on is your health.

One of the biggest reasons people say “no” to getting healthy and joining one of my fitness acccountability groups is that “it costs too much” or “that’s not in my budget.”
Well is that $10,000 medical bill you may have to pay later in life because you didn’t take care of yourself in your budget?
No offense, but I’d rather pay $150-$200 now and start improving and even change my life/health/mindset than that $10,000 medical bill.
In my opinion, you can’t put a price on your health – it is truly your MOST precious commodity.
I carved out money to pay for my monthly Shakeology or new workout program before I started coaching, and now it’s covered because of the income I make as a coach…every….single…month ????
Even if my income from Beachbody doesn’t cover it I still get it. You know why? Because I KNOW I am doing something GOOD for myself.

Personally, I’d rather spend that money on food that I enjoy not bills and medication I don’t enjoy – or doctor’s appointments that eat up my time.
Growing up I visited relatives A LOT in the hospital, between bypass surgery, blood pressure medication, heart complications, cholesterol issues, etc.

I have friends who are always sick – FB friends who are always sick – No one notices that I’m almost NEVER sick.

No offense, but being sick or ill is not something I want in my future. Do you?
So to prevent that I’m doing something NOW about it. Everyday I give myself the power to take control of my health.
Are you in control of your health?
Would you rather pay now or pay later?
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