You Can Improve Your Health

You Can Improve Your Health

This #throwbackthursday is dedicated to any woman out there who is feeling like they just don’t know HOW to get themselves healthier and SEE REAL resultsYou Can Improve Your Health

~You might have clothes that are strangling you, so you wear sack dresses big clothes and feel bad about yourself.
~ You might envy those women who have toned arms and flat abs and figure you’ll never be able to have them
~You might be feeling frustrated with your body and tired of showing up at the gym and NOT getting results cause you don’t know WHAT to do to get those TONED ARMS you SO badly want!
~ and the treadmill and elliptical are getting old!

So WHAT’S the point?

HOPE that you CAN get what you WANT!
Hope that you CAN feel better about your body and GET those toned arms AND flat abs even at 53!!!
Hope that you CAN find time to workout if you really want to.
Hope that you CAN feel strong & confident in your own skin.
Hope that you CAN eat better…even if you’ve got bad habits like eating popcorn every night

I know exactly how you might be feeling because I’ve been there when I was more than 20 lbs overweight and feeling depressed and negative, and just not happy.
I also know how to overcome those struggles with the proper nutrition, portions, and 30 minute home workouts that actually get you results AND tell you WHAT to do EVERYDAY!
So if you’re feeling a little hopeless, this message is for you so YOU CAN feel better NOW and even 5-6 years from now, like I do, if you invest a little time & money in your health. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. You’ll be a better wife, mom, and friend when you do!

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