WOW Hair Powder

Wow hair powder will help cover that gray or help you look like you have fuller hair. PS: this isn’t a food or fitness post! WOW!

Do you struggle with thinning hair? I do and have for years! Sad but true.

Thinning hair is hard whether you’re a man or woman, but at least now you can have the confidence that you look great!

If you’re like me you have a standing color and cut appointment every 4-5 weeks. I wish I could make it 5 weeks, but sadly I just have too much gray that starts to show up.  That is what led me to look into various products to cover the gray just enough to get me to my next hair color appointment without having to go every 3 weeks or less!

I started by using the powder from Sally’s. I liked that you could get 2 colors a light and a dark, but it didn’t really cover that well and sort of made my hair feel funny. So in talking to my hairstylist at the time, she told me about this WOW hair powder.

WOW Hair Powder

It is a little more expensive, but it does last a while and after trying them both – OH I also tried a stick thing that you rubbed on and that made your hair really icky – I like the WOW hair powder the best. It covers really well and you don’t even notice it on your hair.

It washes out each day or however often you wash your hair, so no worries there. Just google WOW powder and choose the one that you think will most closely match your hair color.

Here are all my thoughts and what it looks like!

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