Home Workouts That Really Work

If you told me 6 years ago that I’d get in the best shape of my life with home workouts, I would have thought you were nuts and walked away.

Have your pants ever strangled you?

Have you ever struggled with depression?

Have you ever struggled with yo-yo dieting? or just knowing WHAT to eat? 

Have you ever wished that your arms didn’t flap around when you waved?

Have you ever wished you could look in the mirror and LOVE what you see staring back? 

This was me when I started my fitness/health journey. I had all of these issues going on and more! I needed to get in shape so I did what a LOT of people do – join the gym.

BUT the only problem with that was I had NO clue what to do when I got there – so I did what most people do…

I got on the treadmill — BORING
I got on the elliptical — BORING
I roamed around doing the circuit machines, or some free weights, or I did a class. I’d lift some weights, but there was no rhyme or reason to what I was doing. I was one of those people who DIDN’T KNOW WHAT to do.

This is actually what I see a lot of people do. The problem is that after a year of going 5 days a week I STILL looked the SAME! My pants still strangled me and my arms still were flabby.

Enter home workouts. Now if you’re saying:

  • I can’t do those, I have to get out of my house
  • I have to have other people around me
  • I don’t have any equipment
  • I can’t…

Then you’re saying all the things that I did until…I…just…tried….them. BOOM! Magic!

It wasn’t really magic, but it DID work. In just 3 weeks I could tell I was getting stronger, in 90 days I’d gone from pushing a size 10 to a size 4!! I’d NEVER been a size 4 in my life – I sort of think the sizes are a bunch of BS though.

The point is – I felt SOOOO much better, stronger, happier, and confident. Things I hadn’t felt in quite a while. Can you relate? Are you shaking your head?!

Home Workouts That Work

SO! What did I do? I did these at home workouts that actually worked!
Imagine never having to wonder WHAT workout you’ll do next because there’s a schedule that tells you everything. It literally tells you WHAT to do every single day!

Many people see my workout videos and comment that they look more FUN than what they’re doing.

They ARE! AND they TELL me WHAT to do EVERY SINGLE day – so I don’t have to waste my time FIGURING that out! Pretty cool and time saving right?!

Not only do they give me a schedule that shows me what to do – but they help me with WHAT to eat too! Even more awesome right?! Does the gym do that? NO!

Home Workouts That Work

It’s WHY I have TONED arms AND flatter ABS and my pants don’t strangle me anymore – at 54 – sorry the gym didn’t tell me all that or map it out!

OH and because I have the daily support(aka accountability group) I get messaged and tagged when I don’t show up!
SO check out this video and I’ll show you what all I have access to. Then contact ME if YOU want this easy, mapped out, FUN stuff too! OR fill out my FORM and I’ll contact you! (only good for U.S., Canada, and UK at this time)

Why do you want to connect with me? Because then I’ll help guide you through these home workouts so that you WILL get the best results you can.

I have LOTS of resources to help you, meal plans, a nutrition background, and many fitness tips and ways to modify. I’ve done these while I had an ACL injury, bone spur injury(and surgery), shoulder pain, and tendonitis.

I’ve also gotten my husband off his cholesterol and acid reflux medicine so I know how to eat clean and fuel your body for success. I also have helped 100’s of women inches and pant sizes and learn how to eat clean, read ingredient lists, and help their families get healthier.

I CAN help you and am here to help!

I look forward to connecting with YOU!