Arm Exercises For Women ~ Video #1

In this post, I’m sharing my first video in my batwings be gone series. This is an exercise I’d never seen until I my first home workout program.

I used to FEEL my arms flopping around every time I wrote on the chalkboard and I HATED it!

I called them my chicken wings, but most people refer to them as batwings, or those flabby arms.

They make you dread summer time and sleeveless shirts. Can you relate?

Arm Exercises For Women

If you’re struggling to lose those flabby arms or “batwings”, then these videos WILL help you.  These are the exact exercises that were in my various workout routines.  Over time my arms started getting toned and more defined as well as the rest of my body(from doing the home workouts which incorporated all body parts!)

In order to see really great results, lose weight and get toned all over, I’ve followed various programs, moving from one to the next always working on challenging myself more with each program.

If you’re not challenging yourself, then you’re not going to see the progress you want.


There’s a series of 5 videos for arm exercises for women that specifically target those problem tricep areas.

SO all you ladies who want some toned arms and no more floppy ones – here’s an exercise to get you going!

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mine is 25

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