Working Out After Foot Surgery

Have an injury? Think you can’t workout for weeks?

I used to tell myself that until I learned that you have to assess what you CAN do and then do that.

Don’t let your injury get you down and completely stop you from moving – assess and workout(move) what you can WHEN you’re feeling up to it!

I took about a week off after my bone spur surgery – and after my ACL surgery. Make sure you listen to your body and your doctor’s orders before you dive in. But remember taking action and moving more always makes you feel better!

Here’s some exercises you can do if you’ve had a foot injury.

Here’s some exercises I did after ACL surgery

I even did pull ups with my Chin – up Max

Don’t let injuries stop you from doing anything. Don’t let them be the excuse why you sat on the couch and gained weight.

Assess what you CAN do, and do that – even if it’s just walking to your mailbox – several times a day.

Exercise and movement makes us FEEL better, gives up MORE energy, and improves our mood.

If you need a good place to start – check out this Free program that you can do!

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