Tricep Exercise For Women ~ Video #2

In this post I’m sharing another GREAT tricep exercise for women so that they WILL feel good baring their arms!

This is the second video in a series I did to help you lose those flabby arms and start on your journey to toned and sculpted arms.

I used to FEEL my arms flopping around every time I wrote on the chalkboard and I HATED it!

I called them my chicken wings, but most people refer to them as bat wings, or those flabby arms.

They make you dread summer time and sleeveless shirts. Can you relate?

Tricep Exercise For Women

If you haven’t been working your triceps, then make sure you go slow. Start with a number of reps that challenges you, but isn’t going to make you NOT be able to move your arms tomorrow :)!

When I started, my aim was to do 10 reps. I then worked my way up to 25.

Remember that we all have to start from where we are now and progress each week.

If you missed the first in the series then CLICK HERE to check out another great tricep exercise for women

Comment below with your number for THIS exercise!

mine is 25

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