Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!Do you ever challenge yourself physically? OR are you sort of stuck where you are, maybe in a rut? You’re either not working out because maybe you don’t see the point, you don’t know what to do, or you’re just hoping that somehow you’ll magically get stronger and leaner while eating whatever you want :)! Don’t we ALL wish this was true!  

I’m here to tell you that the reason you should get up and get moving and work on getting yourself into awesome shape is so that you can go out and have some fun! I used to just work out to work out so I could eat more or eat what I want, but something that’s a better idea(and more fun!) is to workout inside so that you can do fun stuff outside. 

They recently opened this Adventure Park in Virginia Beach. It’s challenging trails in the trees with different difficulty levels that are color coded like ski slopes. The easier trails are lower to the ground, the harder ones are higher. The courses consist of hanging obstacle courses with ropes and wires and wooden logs or boards, and various ziplines. 

So what’s the point? If you work on your strength inside you can challenge yourself outside whether it’s at the adventure park, paddle boarding, surfing, skiing, or doing whatever YOU find to be fun. And face it, I think that most of us need to decide to have MORE FUN in 2015. I know that it’s on my goal list and I hope you put it on yours too! 

Here’s a short video of one segment of a black trail(so similar to a black diamond ski trail). This trail has two zippiness and several other segments you go through, one segment has logs attached with ropes that is challenging too! 


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