Workouts For Women

Have you joined a gym only to not go as often as you’d like?

When you do go, do you roam around trying to figure out WHAT to do to get those toned arms that you envy on other women? Do you wonder why 30 mins on the treadmill, and 15 mins on the elliptical, and then 30 mins on machines isn’t changing your body like you thought it would?

Are you struggling to use that gym membership(especially on cold days!), and to figure out the whole nutrition part too?

If ANY of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! THIS was ALL me and MORE before I found THE most AWESOME at home workouts for women (and men too!)

I went to the Y for a year, 5 days a week, and while I would leave there a sweaty mess, my body wasn’t changing at all!

That’s when I found these home workouts that have made ALL the difference. I can honestly say that at the age of 54 – almost 55, I’m in BETTER shape than when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. I have WAY more energy, can do WAY more than I used to be able to do, and honestly FEEL better and have more confidence!

Workouts For Women

I now have access to 100’s of various workouts, and many many workout programs that actually get you the results you want all while never leaving your warm cozy house.

The other great benefits are:

  • it saves time – no trying to figure out WHAT to do because there’s a daily schedule
  • it saves me more time – no time spent driving to and from the gym, waiting for equipment
  • it saves me money – no wasting gas driving to and from the gym
  • there are all different levels of programs from beginner to advanced
  • there’s tons of yoga – so I can stay flexible – that’s important as you age and even when you’re young
  • there are short workouts (5 min core on the floor) to longer workouts
  • It’s NOT boring – and though I don’t like cardio – these cardio workouts don’t feel like cardio!
  • they’re always adding NEW programs that you get access to with your annual pass
  • there are KID and family friendly workouts – a COOL partner workout
  • there’s NUTRITION help – does the gym give you that? (uh nope!)
  • there’s accountability – if you want this option – I HIGHLY recommend it – the gym does NOT care if you show up!

Workouts For Women

All my ladies will tell you that the accountability has helped them when they don’t FEEL like showing up – it helps me too! Because contrary to popular belief, I don’t really like to workout. I’d much rather just drink coffee and hang out every morning, but I LOVE the benefits of working out – more energy, muscles, pants that don’t strangle me, flatter abs.

See what some of my ladies are saying:

Workouts for Women















So what exactly are we doing? The best way to understand this is

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