Portion Control Help

portion control help

portion control helpCould you use some portion control help? I KNOW that I could. Have I told you before that I can eat till the cows come home? Whatever makes you feel full was left out when they made me because I rarely get full. Therefore, as you can see I need a LOT of portion control help!

If you find yourself eating a little of this and a little of that and not thinking that you’re really eating that much, BUT you’re not really seeing the scale move or your pants get any looser, then this could SOLVE your problems. The key is to actually use the containers and TRACK what you’re eating.

Did I mention that tracking is my biggest problem? That is why I decided that it was time to get a handle on it.

So, where to start? Well, if you don’t already know, beachbody has come to the rescue  with these portion containers. These are easy to use with a little time and effort. I’m using the portion containers to figure out how much I should be eating of things like proteins, fats, carbs, oils etc (my philosophy is that you can’t eat too many veggies, so I don’t always measure my green containers). 

They’ve simplified it so that it can work for everyone and for all different workout programs. One of the main keys here though is that you HAVE to track. But wait!! There are tally sheets to make it easy to keep track of also.  A friend made some great ones on excel for me that I’m using.

Click Here to get the sheets

Step #1 for Portion Control Help

Use the book and calculate your calorie range. This then tells you how many of each container you can have.

For example: my calories came in at 1510, so I get 4 green(veggies), 3 purple(fruit), 4 red(protein), 3 yellow(carbs), 1 blue(healthy fat), 1 orange(seeds,nuts), 4 teaspoons(healthy oils, PB). 

The book tells you what goes in all the containers, and what works for the teaspoons.

Step #2 for Portion Control Help ~ Plan what you’re eating for the day 

Planning is really the key to successful eating, weight loss, being healthier. You want to plan out your food day, which means plan out your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, according to your containers.

Here’s an example meal plan for one day with my containers:

Breakfast: oatmeal and blueberries ~ 1 yellow(oatmeal), 1 purple(banana) 

Morning snack: shakeology with peanut butter and banana and spinach ~ 1 red (shakeO), 2 tsp (PB), 1 purple, 1 green 

Lunch: salad with grilled chicken and lots of veggies and avocado ~ 2 green, 1 red, 1 orange (sunflower seeds), 1 blue (avocado), 1 tsp(salad dressing oil)

Afternoon snack: greek yogurt with homemade granola ~ 1 red, 1 yellow

Dinner: baked salmon, asparagus, sweet potato ~ 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 tsp(oil for cooking asparagus)

Here’s a video of the containers in action!

This portion control help requires NO Calorie counting ~ YAY!

If you’re like me you hate to count calories. UGH! With the containers, once you get the hang of it, and it’s not really hard, you just fill them up and however much fits in a container you can eat. Once all your containers are gone for the day, you’re done. 

There are several workout programs that come with the containers, so if you’re also looking for a great program that delivers results and helps you with portion control, it’s the 21 day fix , 21 day fix extreme , and Insanity: Max 30 If you’re looking for weight loss add the program with the containers and you’ll be amazed at how fast you get into shape! 

Either way, with a workout program or not, the container will show you where you’re lacking. It was really eye opening for me because I realized that I was eating most of my vegetable at dinner instead of throughout the day. Other people have realized that they’re eating WAY too many carbs, or not eating enough or eating too much. By just using the containers, I’ve had clients tell me that they’ve lost 5 lbs in one week. 

The containers make you aware of WHAT you’re actually eating so they sort of hold you accountable to what’s going in your mouth. Tracking in order to see progress is key. 

What do YOU struggle with the most when it comes to eating? Leave me a comment below! 

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As Always ~ Remember 

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